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For more than 30 years, while achieving rapid corporate development, Shimao has been actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, actively participating in social welfare programs such as rural revitalization, cultural preservation, medical aid, AIDS prevention and control, Hong Kong harmony, disaster relief, and children's welfare programs. As of September 2021, Shimao has donated more than 1.75 billion and covered more than 22 million people with its public welfare programs.

Rural Revitalization

Shimao Charity HospitalAfter the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, Shimao started a Charity Hospital program. By bar, it has donated more than 100 million yuan and built more than 100 hospitals throughout 9 provinces, covering a population of 20 million, helping to improve the medical conditions at the grassroots level and helping to rural revitalization.

Cultural Preservation

Funding the Research Conservation of the Yangxin Hall in the Forbidden City: In 2016, Shimao donated RMB 80 million to the Research Conservation of the Yangxin Hall. With the purpose of preserving Chinese historical relics and promoting traditional Chinese culture, Shimao supports the development of cultural preservation. Donation of Silk Road Landscape Map In 2017, Shimao purchased the Silk Road Landscape Map, a national treasure of the Ming Dynasty, at a cost of RMB 133 million and donated it to the National Palace Museum free of charge. The return of the Silk Road Landscape Map will help China to study the historical "Silk Road" more deeply and provide valuable references and lessons for the study of Belt and Road Initiative.

Medical Assistance

China Red Ribbon Foundation In 2005, Shimao joined hands with more than 20 private companies to establish the China Red Ribbon Foundation, which is dedicated to AIDS prevention and control, with a focus on supporting and promoting AIDS prevention and control in remote and poverty-stricken areas. By far, the amount invested in the fund exceeded 210 million yuan, which directly benefited more than 1.8 million people.
Assistance for the Prevention and Control of hydatidosis in Tibet In March 2018, Shimao signed an agreement with the government of Tibet Autonomous Region on assistance for the prevention and control of hydatidosis, donating RMB 10 million to be used specifically for the comprehensive prevention and control of hydatidosis in Tibet, and has helped a total of 500 Tibetan farmers and herdsmen to receive treatment and get out of difficulties.

Love Hong Kong and Amalgamation

Hong Kong New Home Association In May 2010, Hui Wing Mau, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shimao Group, together with several business friends, founded the Hong Kong New Home Association to provide one-stop services in life, education, training and work for new immigrants from the Mainland to Hong Kong and ethnic minorities. Since its inception in 2015, the Association's branded program, "Love with Care", has sponsored over 10,000 Hong Kong youths from all walks of life to go to the Mainland for exchange, successfully enhancing their emotional identification with the great motherland, the Chinese nation and Chinese culture.
Eliminate Blindness Caused By Cataract Program under Belt and Road Initiative In response to the call of the Belt and Road Initiative, in November 2017, in cooperation with Hong Kong Center for Belt and Road Initiative International Cooperation and Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness, Shimao donated HK$ 10 million to carry out the Eliminate Blindness Caused By Cataract Program under Belt and Road Initiative, which benefited nearly 10,000 cataract patients.
Centre for Chinese Institutional Studies, University of Hong Kong In 2018, Shimao donated HK$10 million for the establishment of the Centre for Chinese Institutional Studies, University of Hong Kong. The Center aims to become a world-class, interdisciplinary, inter-regional and all-round research center on contemporary China, and to promote a deeper understanding of the economic and social development of the motherland among young people in Hong Kong.

Disaster Relief

Contribute to the fight against COVID-19 In early 2020, Shimao donated HK$30 million for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan and the surrounding areas, and donated 1.05 million epidemic-proof masks to multiple provinces and regions in China and overseas Chinese communities to provide additional protection for public health and safety.
Donation for the torrential rain disaster in Henan In July 2021, Shimao donated HK$20 million to support the flood control and relief work in Henan Province.

Children's Welfare

Shimao Rainbow Center Shimao has been paying attention to dying critical orphans since 2013, and has donated to build "Shimao Rainbow Center" in Nanjing and Xiamen. By far, Shimao has donated more than 20.5 million RMB to the Rainbow Center, which has helped more than 160 orphans or abandoned children with serious illnesses and promoted the development of hospice care for children.
Brother Glasses Care for Children with Serious Illnesses In 2016, Shimao and Shanghai Charity Foundation launched the "Brother Glasses" Care for Children with Serious Illnesses, and set up a special fund for "Brother Glasses" in Shanghai Charity Foundation. By far, the project has donated a total of RMB 27.22 million, cooperated with 10 large children's hospitals nationwide, and provided assistance to 585 children in difficulty, and continuously contributing to the development of children's welfare.

Shimao “Class III, Grade 3" Volunteer Team

It is a company volunteer organization spontaneously established by Shimao employees under the inspiration of Shimao charity culture. In the Chinese version of "Class III, Grade 3”, the three horizontal lines and three vertical lines form a Chinese word "world", which stands for "every bit of the world" and implies the purpose of "condensing little love and practicing great goodness". Up to now, the "Class III, Grade 3" volunteer team has covered more than 40 cities across China. In 2020, the number of its volunteers exceeded 13,000 person times.